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      With the rapid development of the company in recent years, successively for domestic and foreign petroleum and petrochemical, fine chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, building materials, paper making, metallurgy, electric power, textile, new energy, machinery manufacturing, real estate and other industries nearly five thousands of users provides the energy automation products and services of all kinds of high quality.

      Industrial Energy

      Steam boiler as the main power source of industrial enterprises, widely used in various fields of industrial process, such as metallurgy,?chemical industry, machinery, papermaking, medicine, food, light industry and so on. As the country in the energy saving?and environmental protection of the enterprise's demand is increasing, most of the current steam boiler using natural gas as?fuel. In recent years, the number of applications of gas steam boiler in industrial process has been greatly improved.

      German technology has always adhered to the whole energy industry electrical integrated concept, is about to boiler control,?boiler?integration is a complete electrical package, the formation of the German characteristics of industrial energy control?system?(DELIN Multi-Boiler control system, referred to as DL-MBCS).


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